What is the Congregational Methodist church?

Our Structure - And Government

The Congregational Methodist Church is unique in that it maintains the Wesleyan Doctrine, but is representative in government, which means the CMC recognizes that each Church owns its own property and elects its own pastor

Every church has its own governing board which elects delegates to participate in a State Annual Conference. All members and annual conference delegates participate every two years in a General Conference where officials are re-elected and actions of the General Conference Council are reviewed.

All are invited to join us

How to Get Here:

We are located just off Highway 370 - 2 miles north of the 4-way stop in Dumas, Mississippi (or just outside of Ripley) on County Road 602


Sunday School - 10:00AM

Morning Worship* - 11:00AM

Bible Study - 6:00PM

Our Church Staff

Church Leader: Jerry Robbins

Music Director: Kim Russell



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